A C.A.S.E. for Northwest Ohio’s Automotive Future

Growth in smart mobility continues to skyrocket, and analysts project no signs of slowdown. Hundreds of millions are pouring into this industry – commonly referred to as CASE – Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric – as innovators look to capitalize on this game-changing autonomous technology.

Industry Assets

Northwest Ohio offers an exceptional combination of skilled labor force, nationally ranked educational facilities, industry-specific resources, and a geographic location at the center of the industry.

Energy Resources

A unique diverse mix providing the ability to create green energy sources


Plentiful and high performing

Available Sites & Buildings

Ready for immediate development

Secure Supply Chain

Tight and reliable

Existing Knowledge Base

“A lot of companies with new automotive technologies need a place to deploy their technology and do testing, and Toledo is well-positioned for that.”

— Kim Hill, President, HWA Analytics

Did You Know?

  • Autonomous vehicles are predicted to free up 50 minutes a day for drivers
  • Human error accounts for roughly 90% of accidents on roadways. The creation of driverless cars is expected to have a significant impact in reducing such accidents
  • Ohio has invested $16 billion in transportation infrastructure in preparation for autonomous technologies
  • A recent study uncovered more than 1,700 startup companies worldwide in the automotive industry
  • 80% of the energy in an electric vehicle battery is transferred directly to powering the car, whereas in a gasoline powered vehicle only 15% of the energy goes directly toward powering the car.
  • EV battery costs have dropped $1,000 per kWh in 10 years
  • There are 10 million EVs on the road.
  • There were 25,313 charging stations in the U.S. by the end of 2020, triple the 7,340 there were in 2014

Recent successes

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