Business Climate

Northwest Ohio and all of the state have worked in a diligent and conscientious manner to create a more favorable business climate. This is built around a mindset of understanding the needs of business, putting those needs first and then moving at the speed of business.

Through the private sector RGP, Northwest Ohio has succeeded in having business take a lead role in driving economic development. The success in diversifying our regional economy has allowed for greater voices across a wider range of industries – voices which have provided valuable and necessary engagement in the continued growth of our regional economy.

And the results are showing.

The Toledo Region Ranked #1 Tier II Metro In The U.S. For Economic Activity By Site Selection Magazine

Lima Ranked #3 and Toledo Ranked #5 For Manufacturing In The U.S. By Business Facilities Magazine

Ohio Ranked #9 Best State For Business By Chief Executive Magazine

A Revitalized Downtown Attracting Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars In New Investment

Ohio Leads The Way

At the state level, Ohio’s simplified tax structure, central location and affordable cost of doing business are catalysts for past and future economic diversification and prosperity. Since March of 2020, Ohio companies have benefited from over $300 million invested in numerous programs designed to provide relief during the public health crisis. Ohio’s restart plan has been lauded as a sensible and responsible plan of action in order to safely restart Ohio’s economy during the pandemic.

No State Corporate Income Or Profits Tax

No Tax On Products Sold Outside Of Ohio

No State Tax On Machinery & Equipment Investments

No State Tax On R&D Investments

Only One State Business Tax – The Commercial Activity Tax (0.26 Percent)