In its continuing efforts to communicate evolvement within the dynamic Electric and Autonomous Vehicle market, the Regional Growth Partnership recently hosted a Transportation Technology Symposium for suppliers and other companies tied to the automotive industry.

The downtown Toledo event was attended by industry manufacturers, suppliers, consultants and business development professionals. The RGP hosted a similar event in late 2021 and plans to present another symposium in the fourth quarter.

“Our primary goals for the Symposium were to provide understanding of new industry trends, raise awareness of new opportunities in the supply chain, and to inform auto and mobility companies of advancements in Northwest Ohio.”

– Gary Thompson, Executive Vice President, RGP

Many positive outcomes have already evolved, including:

  • New project opportunities for Northwest Ohio

  • Enhanced awareness for local companies

  • The showcasing of developing technologies within the region

Presenters at the event included General Motors, Lift, Electrada and AAA.

The automotive supply chain focused on electric vehicle production in Ohio is increasing. Evolving consumer demands have fueled the industry’s change, including the ongoing angst from fluctuating gasoline prices and the desire to lower carbon footprints and vehicle emissions.

With its inherent strengths and technical know-how, the Toledo/Northwest Ohio region, centered near the heart of the automotive world, has positioned itself as a leading location, bringing forth the assets businesses need to succeed in the EV industry.