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Vice President, Research

Regional Growth Partnership seeks an experienced research professional to support its mission of attracting new jobs and capital investment to Northwest Ohio. This role will oversee the research department, have first-hand exposure to industry and occupational trends, professional and academic development opportunities, regular best practice discussions learning with peers from across Ohio and the U.S. This role helps deliver customized data relevant to company decision makers when considering investment in the region. Additionally, research fuels marketing and business development by creating insights about what Northwest Ohio has to offer to new and existing businesses.

The position will provide technical assistance to internal and external clients. The Research Team provides support for client requests, but also supports strategic planning and business intelligence efforts at RGP. 

The candidate must have a strong, working knowledge of data resources with the ability to understand the problem or task, analyze and extract relevant data points from the appropriate tools and provide succinct information using charts, graphs and other formats that tell a story the audience can quickly comprehend.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Utilize Research Tools and Methods

  • Establish research project plans, and negotiate deadlines accordingly, while maintaining positive rapport with internal clients.
  • Utilize new and existing public and proprietary data tools and research methods.
  • Manage research tools and vendors.
  • Assist in transfer of knowledge to other teams.

Analyze Data

  • Analyze industry trends and identify companies for existing and new investment opportunities.
  • Utilize advanced techniques in one or more analytics programs.
  • Document processes used in transforming raw data

Interpret and Present Data

  • Interpret research results and translate into clear recommendations with strong quantitative components and insightful business analysis.
  • Identify trends, establish/utilize benchmark data, and present information in clear, concise, and useful formats.
  • Identify opportunities and threats to Ohio’s strategic position, market share and business opportunities.
  • Quantify and present key assets such as cost and speed of business.
  • Explain the results of analysis, and suggest action items and next steps. 
  • Recommend further analysis options.

Other Expectations

  • Manage cross-functional projects to successful milestones.
  • Collect and forecast data, draft research and sector reports; curate information; preparing scheduled and/or ad hoc reports and summaries; recommend next steps.
  • Utilize innovative methods to provide interactive data visualization for decision making.
  • Lead development of product and process improvements and innovations that enhance the efficiency and productivity to consistently ensure the accuracy and integrity of all deliverables.
  • Learn research tools, best practices and collaborate on new projects. Instruct other staff on best practice usage of research tools.
  • Lead analytical work for active client projects by providing data and presentation materials. Actively participate in client communications, as appropriate.
  • Participate in quarterly meetings and as needed to share best practices and share research outputs with JobsOhio and the JobsOhio Statewide Network.
  • Track all requests in an online database in Salesforce.
  • Track and report at least quarterly on outputs, outcomes and recommendations.
  • Save and maintain organization of documents in online file management system, so that internal and external partners can easily search and access.

Experience Requirements:

  • 2+ years success working with data collection, tracking, analysis and presentation.
  • High proficiency in Microsoft Excel including the ability to write and execute formulas, create charts and graphs, work with multiple tabs, create and manipulate tables, and an understanding of conditional formatting.

Required Attributes:

  • Analytical and quantitative skills.
  • Outcome-oriented. Can-do, team orientation, and communication across functions to accomplish key leadership priorities.
  • Project management and presentation skills.
  • Ability to be nimble and agile. Ability to work in an environment in which priorities may shift  rapidly. 
  • Maintain work quality/attention to detail.
  • Ability to summarize key findings from the analytical work performed.
  • Ability to work under deadlines driven by client project.
  • Ability to improve existing process, innovate and create new research outcomes.
  • Excellent, clear, concise, written communications.

Preferred domain knowledge, tools and techniques include:

  • Mapping Capability
  • Economic Research
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Employer/Industry Research
  • Financial Reports Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • Occupational Research
  • Supply Chain and Logistics 
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Tax Climate Benchmarking

Education Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree required in data analytics, public administration, finance, planning, business, economics, accounting, computer science, geography or urban studies. Master’s degree preferred in one or more of the above fields of study.

EEO Statement:

The Regional Growth Partnership (RGP) is firmly committed to prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, age, religion, ancestry, national origin, citizenship, disability, military status, sexual orientation, or genetic information throughout the employment process, from selection through termination. The RGP expects all employees, vendors, and associates to support the non discriminatory policies of the RGP.


Interested candidates should send an electronic expression of interest and a resume to:

Patrice James
VP, Marketing & Research
Regional Growth Partnership

Email to apply
Northwest, oh