Charging into theEV Market

With close proximity to Detroit, an extensive transportation network and a trained, educated workforce, the Toledo/Northwest Ohio region has a long successful track record within the automotive industry. Those inherent assets are the same resources which make this region an attractive location for the evolving electric vehicle market.

Northwest Ohio is well-positioned in this advancing industry with many companies already engaged in the next evolution of transportation. Existing OEMs are making investments in their current facilities to accommodate this change. And other businesses are finding a niche in the market, where they’re discovering great opportunities to provide value in new products and services. Discover more and learn how your EV and smart mobility business can grow, thrive and succeed in Northwest Ohio.

Large Sites

Northwest Ohio has prioritized site development across the 17-county region. Many of the primary sites have been authenticated, meaning all due diligence has been completed and they are ready for immediate development. In addition, Northwest Ohio communities are working with area developers to construct spec buildings, reducing risk and providing for quicker speed to market. Check out some of the larger sites across Northwest Ohio ready for EV battery production.



Businesses operating in Northwest Ohio immediately recognize the skills sets of the regional workforce, including a commitment and dedication to excellence. A workforce of 45,000 within the industry has earned multiple awards for production at both the local assembly and transmission plants. Going back more than 100 years, the workers here have demonstrated their high-performance capabilities, notably producing more than 350,000 Jeeps during World War 2. Now, those competencies, experience and know-how are being used in the evolving industry, helping position Northwest Ohio at the forefront of the EV, autonomous and smart mobility markets. Check out more on the Northwest Ohio’s skilled workforce.


Supply Chain

Our region’s central location and access to three of the country’s most traveled interstates have earned Northwest Ohio designation as one of the top automotive supply regions in the country. A host of Tier 1 and 2 suppliers provide industry expertise related to near all phases of production, including tool and die, stamping and machining. This makes Northwest Ohio a natural fit for EV battery manufacturing and other advanced mobility supply chain business. Discover more on the assets which make Northwest Ohio a top location for EV battery production.