Social media marketing has become one of the easiest and least expensive tools in lead generation marketing. With that, the Regional Growth Partnership implemented a social media outreach strategy in mid-2017.

Prior to the launch of the program, social media accounted for less than 1 percent of traffic to the RGP website. Since the implementation of the RGP’s social media marketing plan, Twitter and LinkedIn have become the two primary social referral sources for the website, providing one of the quickest ways to engage with site consultants, who account for 7 percent of website traffic.

The RGP is able to promote projects and success stories, strengthen connections and bring awareness to our audiences with real-time events and relevant content highlighting the Northwest Ohio region.

12-Month Metrics:

  1. YouTube videos generated 2,244 views on LinkedIn and 1,263 views on Twitter
  2. LinkedIn – 35% increase in followers and 112,259 impressions
  3. Twitter – 31% increase in followers and 371,830 impressions

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