Rapidly Growing IT Firm Announces Major Expansion in Northwest Ohio

A growing and innovative software firm has announced plans to expand its Northwest Ohio operations. Recognized as the foremost remote sensing company, Satelytics plans to create 38 new jobs as it moves to its new location in Perrysburg. Hiring for scientists, software professionals, data scientists, artificial intelligence experts, sales professionals, and support personnel positions will begin immediately. 

The company cited the region’s access to talented workforce and resources to support training needs as primary reasons to remain here, in what was a competitive nationwide site selection process. An attractive business climate and market access were also driving factors.

“We are thrilled to enter this next phase of scaling the business at our new home in Perrysburg,” said CEO, Sean Donegan.  “The key to our footprint in Northwest Ohio is our people.  We want to continue to build this collaborative culture and encourage our new team members to place roots in the area.  This new location will allow us to better showcase talent and attract recruits with the welcoming surroundings of Northwest Ohio.  In fact, we are already working towards relocating a new team member into the area from out of state.”

Founded as a start-up out of Bowling Green State University in 2009.  Satelytics is a software company, which targets early detection to minimize the consequences of some of the toughest challenges faced by its customers, alert them to solve them as minor issues before the situation becomes operationally, financially, and/or environmentally burdensome.  The main ingredient is high-resolution spectral imagery from satellites, drones, balloons, aircraft, and other platforms.  The software uses machine learning at the heart of its algorithms to  provide critical data to multiple industries, most significantly oil and gas, pipeline, power utilities and water/wastewater.

As an example, the company’s software can use satellite imagery to monitor and detect gas/methane leaks in pipelines, well pads and storage units. Current methods of remote monitoring of these assets include manual inspection, aircraft flyovers, and fixed surveillance equipment, but these are error-prone, according to Donegan, and inflexible methods rely on humans to make judgement calls.

The company initially focused on monitoring the world’s water supplies but leaders realized the greater potential of the technology and decided to expand their focus and capabilities into other industries.

Samples of Satelytics software algorithms at work:

The Regional Growth Partnership worked in collaboration with JobsOhio, Wood County Economic Development Commission and City of Perrysburg to move this project forward.

“We appreciate the collaboration with RGP, Wood County and the Ohio Development Services Agency to bring Satelytics expansion and 38 IT jobs to Perrysburg,” said J.P. Nauseef, JobsOhio president and CEO. “Software innovation is rapidly growing nationwide, and Ohio is leading the way with the kind of talent that Satelytics will be hiring in Northwest Ohio.”

The economic development partners agreed Satelytics is an outstanding company in a key industry for Northwest Ohio and the state.