More and more businesses are taking advantage of Northwest Ohio’s connection to the natural gas market by tapping into the region’s vast pipeline network.

“Northwest Ohio is a strong location for natural gas because of its access to abundant supplies from all directions of the country, including north into Canada. And that is made possible as a result of our robust transmission pipeline network,” said Gary Thompson, executive vice president of the Regional Growth Partnership.

The regional pipeline system links Northwest Ohio to traditional oil hotbeds near the Gulf of Mexico as well as the growing supply coming from the Dakotas, the oil fields in Canada and the Marcellus and Shale plays in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Alpont LLC is just one company which has capitalized on the abundant supply by establishing a new $62 million methanol and sodium methylate facility in Oregon. “Low cost natural gas and a growing network of pipelines are factors that weighed in on the decision to build in Oregon, Ohio,” said Lou Razzano, executive vice president of the company.

Thompson said natural gas is such a valuable commodity because it serves as a reliable, clean, and high quality  energy source with minimal impact on the environment. And because supply is so great, industrial energy users can access the resource at a very low, competitive price.

In its latest issue of Site Selection magazine, the publication highlights the competitive advantages Northwest Ohio’s infrastructure offers businesses, particularly related to the pipeline system, noting that more than $83 million has been invested in shale-related development over the past eight years across Northwest Ohio and the entire state.

“Natural gas is a key component to nearly all development projects,” said Vince Parisi, president and COO, Columbia Gas of Ohio. “With supply coming from three distinct areas of the country, Northwest Ohio enjoys the benefit of supply diversity, yielding low, stable pricing and increased reliability.”

With added supply being discovered, additional pipeline companies are coming to the region and delivering significant natural gas volumes through new, high-capacity systems.