In the third quarter of 2018, the Regional Growth Partnership continued its proactive outreach efforts targeting industry executives. A major part of these outreach campaigns, as well as those moving forward, includes development of a customized mini website for each industry – all tied to These campaigns are designed to engage viewers and drive them to those respective sites.

The RGP’s first direct marketing outreach campaign in Q3 focused on automotive, targeting executives within the industry. The strategy highlighted Northwest Ohio’s business assets through success stories and testimonials. The campaign also included encouragement for recipients to attend the Center for Automotive Research Management Briefing Seminars show in late July, where the RGP had a major presence. Significant takeaways and metrics from this campaign included:

  • 18 legitimate prospects generated through campaign
  • 189 contacts shared with sales support agency

Next, the RGP ran a similar campaign, this time across the food industry, to market and promote the regional industry assets. Again, video overviews and interviews with regional industry executives played a major role in the campaign. Significant takeaways and metrics included:

  • 32 legitimate prospects generated through campaign and shared with business development
  • 45 high-level engagement contacts shared with sales support agency

The third initiative in Q3 was a lead-generation campaign through Automotive News magazine. This campaign, currently ongoing, began with development of a white paper created by the RGP asking if businesses were taking advantage of spec buildings and certified/authenticated sites during the site selection process. That white paper required interested parties to share their contact information in order to download the article. To date, 11 automotive industry executives downloaded the paper and shared their information, providing the RGP with new business leads.