Perhaps above all else, a strong, nationally recognized and committed workforce is Northwest Ohio’s proudest and greatest asset.

Our skilled workers have proven competitive advantages in automotive, advanced manufacturing, life sciences and polymers. In addition, workers here are able to adapt in new industries. We boast of an abundance of technically skilled engineers, machinists and tool and die specialists.

Toledo the Leader for Opportunity Occupations

Northwest Ohio has a wide range of educational institutions paving the way for tomorrow’s ready workforce. Our local universities and community colleges are major resources for advanced materials, biotechnology, alternative energy, information technology research, and much more. There are more than 30 schools of higher education within a 60-mile radius with 200,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

Talent Acquisition

Job Opportunity: Regional Network Talent Manager

To better support companies locating and expanding in Northwest Ohio with their hiring needs, the Regional Growth Partnership added a new position to its staff – talent acquisition manager. This new position comes through the support of JobsOhio, which recently launched a Talent Acquisition Program.

Similar positions have been created at the five other JobsOhio Network partner regions. The statewide program focuses on larger talent projects that meet certain criteria of job creation and capital investment.

Focusing on talent acquisition from a business perspective, this position works with the hiring company by providing a talent strategy tailored specifically to the operating environment, skill need and hiring deadlines of the business. This program serves as a differentiator, providing businesses with value added in their talent search.