The Regional Growth Partnership is extremely grateful for the financial commitment of its current investors.

As a 100 percent private economic development organization, the RGP serves as a true regional and private group, not bound by political jurisdictions, allowing us to act in the best interest of businesses each and every time.

For corporate clients, including site consultants, real estate professionals and corporate executives, privately funded means confidential, adaptive, agile and receptive. For investors, privately funded means greater opportunities for engagement in business development activity, including ground floor opportunities.

The RGP encourages businesses to join our many current investors who are committed to moving our region forward and discover the many advantages and benefits to both your business and the community.

For more information, contact John Lippus, Vice President of Investor Engagement, at (419) 252-2700 x317,  (419) 261-3871 (Cell) or by e-mail at