As a sales and marketing organization, the RGP’s primary mission is attracting new investment and jobs into Northwest Ohio. At the same time, it understands the value in branding, particularly as it relates to the organization.

In 2016, the RGP determined the need to better identify itself in communicating and marketing to key target audiences, mainly site consultants, corporate real estate professionals and C-level executives.

The organization learned over time nearly all other economic development groups have a location identifier in their names. The RGP determined since it sells Northwest Ohio, that “place name” should be identified in the logo.

Logo analytics – the new logo does the following:

  • Location identifier – Northwest Ohio
  • More “clear” … quickly and easily captures attention
  • Simple and succinct
  • Tells what we are selling
  • Bold, captures attention
  • Arrow symbolizes growth

The new logo coincides with the organization’s move to redesign its current website. A major objective is creating the new site as “responsive,” where users can cleanly access the site through smart phones, ipads, etc.