As the lead marketing arm for Northwest Ohio, the Regional Growth Partnership has been engaged with a proactive campaign selling and promoting five certified sites for the food/beverage industry. The latest tool to support these marketing efforts is the development and launch of a microsite focused on the enhanced assets of these sites, which includes detailed information of the due diligence completed to minimize risk, remove guesswork and accelerate speed-to-market for companies.

The program started after American Electric Power led an initiative to formally designate five Northwest Ohio sites as certified and shovel ready. The move was intended to capitalize on the existing assets which have made Northwest Ohio a leading location for the food processing industry.

The certified sites are located in Crawford, Seneca, Allen, Hancock and Van Wert counties. Already, the Findlay site in Hancock County has been sold to Campbell’s for a new warehouse facility. The certification was completed by the highly respected Austin Consulting.